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Study abroad (JAPAN) via University Recommendation with MEXT Scholarship

I dedicate this blog to all my Filipino friends who would want to study abroad, specifically at Osaka University, JAPAN with scholarship, Monbukagakusho/ MEXT in particular.

Special programs offered conducted in English:
1) Biotechnology Global Human Resource Development Program (my program)
2) Chemical Science Course (Material Emergence Program)
3) International Program for Maritime and Urban Engineering

I'm not being a racist here. It's just that I don't know if the process of application in my country (Philippines) applies the same to all countries. Based on what I've read on blogs and forums such as (forums intended for aspiring Japan International Students), deadlines of submission and process might differ. Moreover, I'd be specifically discussing the process involved for Osaka University Graduate School application (though some Universities of Japan, might have just the same procedures)

Reasons why application might differ from country to country:
1. Diplomatic relationship to Japan
2.Specific Foreign University connection to Universities in Japan

I applied through University Recommendation at Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, Japan. My M.S. UPLB classmate Jenny Trinidad who's now studying there for about 2 years now played a big role on the process of my application. (This personal experience deserves separate blog. Let's focus on the process of application, shall we?)

Application Requirements:
-Applicant must be from a country with diplomatic relation with Japanese government
-Age must be less than 35 years of age.
-Education: 16 years of formal education
-Must be at least 22 years old. (If below 22 y.o., you are required to take Preliminary Examination of Applicant's Qualifications by Oct.31, consult ISAS)

There are two (2) ways of application:
1.) Embassy
(Semester Starting Date: April)
2.) University Recommendation
(Semester Starting Date: October 1)

I don't have concrete knowledge about this process, since I applied via University Recommendation. Based on the account of my former M.S. classmate who's now studying at Kyushu University (Thru embassy), her first screening would be through a written exam that would assess your English and comprehension skills. Then second screening would be in a form of interview/oral exam moderated by a panel of experts/scientists. 

University Recommendation 
(visit )

1.) Email your prospect adviser/sensei at Japan first. 

Usually you would be able to find their email address online via University website. Write a letter (via email) and make sure to highlight your achievements and credentials, such as degree sought, publications such as thesis, reasons why you'd like to work under your sensei's supervision, and if possible your proposed study. You may also want to attach your curriculum vitae/resume. Wait for your sensei's reply. (This applies for all degree level: BS, MS, Ph.D)

2.) Web Application System

Applicant must visit this URL and complete the necessary processes. Basic Workflow:
A) visit the URL
B) click "Registration", fill out the necessary items and finish the process. 
Note that this system only opens during the designated date and time of application such as last year's period of application (November 16, 2015 to December 15, 2015 4:00PM (Japan Time)
C) when applicants receive an email confirming the registration (B), visit the designated URL to continue further requirements.
Note that applicants should fill out the necessary items and upload the following required materials. After completing the process, press " Submit" button. Also, applicants must complete "Recommendation" term to request the letter of recommendation ( you would be needing email address of your Dean or Chancellor. At least 2 professors must compose a recommendation letter for you. Before you even submit your Dean's email address to this website, as common courtesy you must visit and talk to your Dean first. Inform them that ISAS would email them to request for a recommendation letter for you)

You will receive an e-mail of confirmation when the application has completed. Moreover you should watch out still for another email ( for their assessment on your documents, for sometimes they would ask for more supporting docs), since they give strict deadlines on submissions. Once you're cleared and everything so far is sailing smoothly, you may now "Generate PDF", print the PDF and submit it together with the required documents by AIRMAIL to ISAS:

International Student Affairs Section
Student Affairs Division
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka University

2-1 Yamadaoka, Suits
Osaka 565-0871, JAPAN
Telephone: +81-6-6879-7225
Facsimile: +81-6-6879-7229

D) Documents (all ORIGINAL) that must be submitted to ISAS before December 25 (this may vary)

1) application form (a photograph of 4cm x 3cm, taken within the last 3 months should be affixed on the first page)

2) certificate of (expected) / graduation completion
(If you have both B.S. and M.S. completed submit them both. If M.S. not completed, TOR would be fine). If about to graduate as M.S., expected graduation cert)

3) certificate of academic record/TOR (for both B.S. and higher levels if taken such as M.S. and Ph.D)

4) certificate of English Proficiency
(Applicants who have graduated from university where English is the main language of instruction are exempt from submitting this. So in my case instead, I just submitted Medium of Instruction Certificate) 

5) Recommendation letters 
-2 recommendation letters from 2 separate recommenders. (For Osaka U and MEXT scholarship)
-Addressed to the President of Osaka University (Google the current president of Osaka University)

(Recommenders can send the letter directly to ISAS or can be airmailed. In my case, one recommendation letter was sent directly to ISAS via email. Second rcommendation letter coming from my Dean was given to me and was airmailed together with the other pertinent documents)

6) Statement of Purpose
-Research Proposal
-A4 size paper
-double spaced pages
-maximum of 3 PAGES

7) certificate of Citizenship
-A4 size paper
-copy of the passport may substitute for this purpose

8) Abstract of Graduation Thesis/ Thesis Outline (if not yet completed)
-or any equivalent publications/documents

*First screening would be done on the basis of these documents and the interview via Skype. Interview part would just basically assess your communication skills, (if you're good in English or Japanese) also, they would ask questions assessing your determination to study in their country for 5 years. For they fear that some international students would just drop because of homesick. So make sure you'd be able to show your sincerity and determination. This may differ in your interview. But based on the forums I've read, they also just had a casual interview via Skype. Also be punctual. If your sensei scheduled you at say 1pm, you must be online by 12:30pm at least. Stay humble and use simple english words.

After the first screening. If blessed enough to be selected, the University would email you an acceptance letter, that they would accept you as their FINAL CANDIDATE STUDENT under <Insert Program> 
 *Also, by the middle of January, Graduate School of Engineering (GSE), the Osaka University will select PRELIMINARY CANDIDATES for the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho/MEXT) Scholarship from the entire pool of applicants.

Bear in mind that selection process for scholarship is independent to the screening process of University (So for example you might be accepted by University without mext scholarship)

*2nd screening (for you to be selected as FINAL MEXT candidate ): EMAIL-BASED exam-
3 professors from different fields would email you 3 questions each. This interview in a form of email-based exam would conclude by the end of February.
(A total of 9 questions). You might receive all their 1st questions at the same time. So you'd better use your time wisely. As soon as you email back your answer, then will you get the 2nd question. But bear in mind that for every question, you would only be given 24 hours to answer it. The faster you submit your answer the more credible you would be. Make your answer concise and comprehensible. Make it straightforward. They usually ask for answers within the range of 200-400 words.

3rd step: Japanese government will select among the final candidates to whom they'd grant scholarships. 
(Successful applicants will be notified by post by the end of June. Notifications will be sent to the address specified in the application form)
Although based on forums and blogs I've read, once the University had chosen to recommend you to MEXT, you can already relax and claim your victory! Yey! But then, I'm still waiting for the official acceptance letter. One month to goooo!

(Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by the middle of February. They do not reply to individual inquiries regarding admission decisions) Logically speaking, since I did not receive notification this February that I failed, then maybe I can be more positive by this time ;)

Yep! Osaka University accepted me as their October 2016 international student. But I'm still waiting for Japanese Government decision's over my scholarship! Wish me luck!

5 years ( 2 years M.S. + 3 yrs. Ph.D in Engineering)
Application fee, admission fee and tuition: exempt

147,000 JPY/Month = 60,000 PhP
Economy Class Air Ticket free (to Osaka U nearest airport before class starts and back to your country after 5 years)
-if you wish to visit your home country every year it must be at your own expense.
Insurance premiums for travel to/from Japan shall be borne by the grantee.

Godbless! Future gaijin!
If you have inquiries, feel free to leave a comment :) I'd be more than happy to help you.

Lastly, we created an FB group:
Osaka University International Students-October 2016.

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ETUDE HOUSE PRODUCT REVIEW: Morning and Evening Routine

As promised, I'm going to make an entry about all Etude House Products that I have with me so far.. Majority were bought for me as a gift.

Gifts bought by my boyfriend
(Birthday gift: January 2016)
Buy 1 Get 1 Promo of Etude House 
(Selected items only)

Collection of Skin Care Products
for my beauty regimen

Let's start with E.H. products involved in my
Basic morning routine:

1. Wonder Pore: Deep Foaming Cleanser
This foam cleanser deep cleanses pores and its impurities with blue beads that effectively remove accumulated sebum on skin.
[Directions] Dispense certain amount onto wet hands creating lather, apply thoroughly onto face, and thoroughly rinse off with lukewarm water.
[Claims] Ultra Pore Solution: 10 in 1
  • Deep cleanse pores
  • Minimize appearance or pores
  • Control a large amount of sebum
  • Moisturize inside and outside of skin
  • Complete smooth glass-like texture
  • Balance skin's ideal pH level
  • Refine skin tones
  • Keep the elasticity of pores
  • Remove skin surface's dead skin cells
  • Cleanse pore insides with cooling effect
170 mL ( the one I use on a daily basis)
30 mL [I keep with me ( part of Skin Care Kit) when I travel]

2. Wonder Pore: Freshener
This is a total solution product that effectively cleans the inside and outside of pores with its special peppermint extract. This freshner balances pH levels, making skin pure like baby skin and preventing skin troubles caused by pH imbalance.
[Directions] After morning and evening cleansing, dispense a sufficient amount of Wonder Pore Freshner onto the side of cotton pad with holes and gently wipe from inner to outer areas of face.
[Claims] 10 in 1 Ultra Pore Solution

If you buy 500 mL of Wonder Pore Freshner instead of 250mL, you would not just save 100+php but would also get (Free Gift) of Wonder Pore Daily Cotton Pad (50 sheets) Pore clarifying daily cotton pad for Freshner.
  • The thickness of cotton pad helps contents absorb effectively into skin and helps balance moisture and oil levels
  • The holes on the cotton pad's surface clean off dead skin cells and sebum to complete perfectly clear pores.
3. Wonder Pore Tightening Essence
[Directions] (After Wonder Pore Freshner) 

4. Wonder Pore Clearing Emulsion
[Directions] (After Wonder Pore Tightening Essence)
Dispense certain amount and apply evely onto skin. 

 Wonder Pore Skin Care Kit ( Had 2 sets of this kit as FREE GIFT/Promotional Gift of Etude House) I didn't bother to buy yet for the tightening essence and Emulsion, since this kit has them (Essence: 15 ml; Emulsion: 25 ml). I usually bring this with me when I travel, since they're handy and saves space in my bag.

5. Collagen Moistfull Skin Care Kit (2 pcs)
This is a Super Care Kit containing 2 moisturizing and firming daily care products that deliver moist, dry-free and firm skin everyday. Received this kit also as FREE GIFT/ Promotional Gift of Etude House. :) 

This kit contains: Moistfull Collagen Facial Freshner (80mL) and Moistfull Collagen Emulsion (80mL). For the mean time, I am using Moistfull Collagen Emulsion as part of my morning and evening routine.

6. PURE WATER Baobab Moist Cream
This is a highly moisturizing cream that daily absorbs Baobab's pure moisture into skin for a clear and moist complexion.
[Claims] This is a highly moisturizing gel type cream containing sufficiently moist Baobab Water and skin purifying Moringa seed extract. As the gel texture spreads onto skin, it forms a moist skin barrier providing abundant moisture.
[Directions] During the last step of skincare, dispense a certain amount and gently massage from inner to outer areas of face, lightly patting to absorb remaining contents.

(60 mL) Got 2 of this from the buy 1 take 1 promo of Etude House.
Compared to other creams that I've tried this one feels very light on my skin. Plus it has a baby scent (my opinion). Too bad it doesn't come with a spatula, so you literally have to dip your finger in it. So make sure you had your hands sanitized well prior to use ;)

-After my morning routine, if I have an agenda that requires me to leave the house, I usually proceed with the make-up, which I will discuss in my next blog entry :) -

My Evening Routine

Well, my evening routine is just basically my morning routine with added 1-3 more Etude House products!

(1-6 of morning routine)

7.  Play therapy Pink Firming UP!
This is a sleeping pack that firms and nourishes skin by hugging skin overnight with its nutrition compact
[Claims] Nutrition Compact: Etude's full-nutrition recipe containing nourishing ingredients such as pomegranate, evening primrose and mango seed butter.
[Directions] Massage gently into skin during the last step of night skincare and finish off by lightly dabbing onto skin. Wear overnight and wash off with lukewarm water the next day.

150 ml (available in different scents)
I just love PINK!

8. Wonder Pore Modeling Ultra Clear
This is a pack with cooling effect that firms pores and absorbs effective ingredients into skin as it gradually hardens up. With its special peppermint extract, this provides smooth and firm pores, and maintains moistness with its Sodium Hyaluronate and Allantoin.
[Directions] After cutting off upper part of pouch along cutting line, open pouch. Dispense one spoon (50mL) of Wonder Pore Modeling Ultra Clear and mix with water (40mL), measuring with enclosed Wonder Spoon (measuring spoon). Once mixture's texture thickens up, apply a thick layer onto face with spatula. When pack becomes hard after 10 minutes, remove pack with hands and rinse face with water or clean skin surface with Wonder Pore Freshner.
[Claims] 7 in 1 Total Pore Solution

(80 g) Got 2 of this from the Buy 1 Take 1 Promo of Etude House. The first one lasted for 4 months, but I remember using it twice a month. Now I use this once a month. Every 1st Saturday in particular to achieve vibrant and smooth skin the following day ( Sunday) perfect for attending Sunday worship service :) TIP: if you want to be thrifty (err..) You may decrease the amount to be mixed but must be calibrated on the ratio and proportion given.

9. Etude House Collection of Masks
Mask sheets contain particular extracts that serve different purposes such as for:

  • Bright Complexion
  • Skin Firming
  • Smooth Firming
  • Smooth Hydration

These are mask sheets from Etude House (58 to 78php each) and from Swiss Renee Collection (sponsored by my cousin residing abroad, hello ate Razel)
I use this occasionally haha! If I have important events to attend to. I use this day before the event, or sometimes after the event. When too much/heavy make-ups make my face feel dry or oily. 

For the price list of Etude House Product, visit

And that would be all for today's blog entry!
I have few Etude House make-up products with me, but I guess this topic deserves separate entry. :) 
Feel free to leave comments, inquiries, and suggestions for my next blog.
Domo arigatou gozaimas!

I don't mean to scare you haha!
Just to remind you that you must make sure that your hair would be kept in place so it won't interfere while you're putting on your skincare products :) 

Special thanks to Steve Angel (MAHAL :* )
And to my cousin Razel Apil Lampitoc